Ducane Grill Accessories

Shop for Ducane grill accessories online or through their toll-free number. Ducane currently lacks a website where you can find accessories and replacement parts without ordering over the phone. If you do call their toll-free number, make sure you have the model number, they require it.

It's best to shop for Ducane grill accessories online or from authorized Ducane retailers. There are numerous sites selling everything from gas grill covers to drip pans.

Ducane Drip Pans

You can protect your Ducane gas grill's burner and bottom casing when cooking meats like bbq grilled chicken or ribs. Place your slow cooked meats or foods in specially designed Ducane drip pans and place them on the grill. This keeps grease and basting sauces from burning onto the heat distribution plates or burners.

Ducane Outdoor Gas Grill Covers

Most Ducane outdoor gas grills come with covers, but if yours rips or blows away in heavy winds, you can find replacement grill covers.

Before ordering a replacement grill cover, measure your bbq grill to make sure you get the correct cover. A cover that is too snug is prone to ripping at the seams if snow or ice builds up. Ducane outdoor cooking grill covers generally are designed to fit a specific grill model. You may find it easy to keep that model number on hand when shopping for your replacement cover.

Ducane Grill Best Wavy Spatula

The Grill Best Wavy Spatula are branded by Ducane. Ducane grill accessories do not offer much in the way of barbecue grilling tools, but there is a neat wavy spatula worth purchasing.

The wavy pattern at the head of the spatula fits snugly against the cooking grate allowing you to get underneath your grilled foods quickly and easily. No more will you deal with burger pieces that drop into the flames because your spatula couldn't get underneath the burger edge evenly.

Finding Ducane Parts

If you need replacement parts, stores selling Ducane grill accessories often have parts like replacement ignition knobs and replacement burners. You'll find competitive prices online in stores like Amazon.com.

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