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A Ducane grill burner will last a long time with proper maintenance. Most people do not realize that barbecue grills require cleaning on a regular basis. Many are happy to go a whole season without once cleaning more than the grates.

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This will cause your gas grill burner to wear out more quickly. Learn how you can keep your burner functioning well for years.

Cleaning Your BBQ Grilling Grates

Avoid flare ups by keeping your BBQ grilling grates clean. Turn the heat on the barbecue grill to high and use a stiff wire bristle brush to remove any burned on basting sauce or food particles. You can do this either before or after grilling. This should happen every time you grill.

Cleaning Your Heat Distribution Plate

Every couple of weeks, depending on how often you use your gas grill, you should remove your grilling grates and access the gas grill's heat distribution plate. Give it a thorough cleaning with the same stiff bristled brush. If there are really stuck on messes, you can try soaking in hot water, but make sure you dry it thoroughly before replacing.

Cleaning the Ducane Gas Burner

Once you have the heat distribution plate, you can check for any mess around the Ducane gas burner. Vacuum out any burnt messes or seeds brought in by a stowaway mouse. In the winter months, mice love the heat of a barbecue and will often nest near the burner. Remove any debris, if necessary, and check the Ducane gas burner for corrosion or rust. If there are spots that are rusted through, you should replace the burner.

Take a warm sponge and clean out any greasy mess from inside the barbecue grill lid and casing. This helps eliminate flare ups. Check the grease trap and empty if needed.

Ducane Gas Burner Replacement Parts

If you need a replacement Ducane gas burner for your outdoor cooking grill, you'll find that online retailers like Amazon usually have a good list. You can also order replacement gas grill burners directly from the manufacturer by calling their toll-free number. You should have the model number available when calling.

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