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Replace your Ducane grill cover when it rips or tears. Ducane gas grills automatically come with grill covers that protect your bbq grill from outside elements. Bird droppings can destroy the finish of a gas grill in little time, so it's important to keep it covered.

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Ducane grill covers come with a year warranty. While many last for years, in heavy snow or extreme winds, it's not uncommon for grill cover seams to strain. Eventually, they're going to rip. In windy areas, you may wake up to find your Ducane grill cover is missing and now the prized possession of someone who found it lying in their yard or the road.

If you need to purchase a replacement Ducane grill cover, look at online retailers or authorized Ducane stores.

Ducane 300110 Heavy-Duty Vinyl Cover

The 300110 Ducane Grill Cover is designed to fit Affinity's three-burner barbecue grills. Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, the grill covers do not freeze and crack in below-zero weather.

300110 Ducane grill covers protect your gas grill's finish from weather, bird droppings, pollen and dust. They come with a one-year warranty.

Ducane 300111 Heavy-Duty Vinyl Grill Cover

Designed specifically for Affinity four-burner gas grills, the heavy-duty vinyl gas grill cover protects your outdoor cooking grill from ice, snow, pollen and other airborne particles.

The vinyl is specially designed to withstand cold northern temperatures. You get a full year's warranty with the vinyl bbq grill cover.

Ducane 20112404 Heavy-Duty Vinyl Grill Cover

The professional five-burner stainless steel gas grill by Ducane needs an oversized cover. The 20112404 is large enough for the oversized grill.

Make sure to ask the online store for the exact dimensions. Some stores may list a part number that they say fits, but they don't actually have the correct version. It's always best to ask.

Ducane 20171101 Heavy-Duty Vinyl Grill Cover

If you happen to still have a Ducane gas grill that only has one side tray, stores like Ace Hardware and True Value sell the Ducane grill cover that fits that older model.

After Weber bought out Ducane, some older grill models were discontinued making it hard to find replacement grill covers. Check online for the Ducane 20171101 gas grill cover and you're likely to find it.

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