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A Ducane natural gas grill makes it easier to grill on the fly. With propane gas grills, if your propane tank runs out during grilling, you must run to the store for a replacement tank, unless you happen to keep a spare, filled tank on hand. Many people find natural gas grills are more convenient and less expensive in the long run.

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If you've ever cooked on a propane outdoor cooker, you've probably experienced the annoyance of having your tank run out while cooking your food items. While you get a new tank, unhook the old tank and install the new tank, your food sits exposed to outside air. By the time you have it going again and finish cooking, your food is often dry and unappealing.

Ducane Natural Gas Grill Models

Ducane natural gas grill models are generally found in the Affinity 4000 series of gas grills. Each patio or deck grill features a streamlined look and handy features that make outdoor grilling fun.

The Ducane Affinity 4200 gas grill provides 526 square inches of cooking space and a 167 square inch warming rack. There are four stainless steel grill burners providing up to 48,000 BTUs. Porcelain-enamel coated heat distribution plates evenly distribute heat to all areas of the cooking grate. You also get a side tray, storage cupboard below the grill, electronic ignition, a side burner and a built-in thermometer gauge. Ducane's Affinity 4100 is similar to the 4200 but lacks a side burner.

Professional Quality Natural Gas Grills and Outdoor Cookers

If you prefer a professional bbq grill, the 32-inch 5-burner Ducane Natural Gas Grill with Warming Rack delivers. The barbecue grill is crafted completely from heavy-duty stainless steel. Five stainless steel burners provide 60,000 BTUs of heat. There are flush-mounted side burners that offer 12,000 BTUs and a rotisserie burners with 10,000 BTUs. You also get an electric warming drawer with chafing dishes and 620 square inches of cooking space. The grill comes with a custom made vinyl grill cover.

Ducane also sells a smaller three-burner version called the Meridian Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill. You get:

  • 144 square inch warming rack
  • 36,000 BTUs with three burners
  • 480 square inches of grilling space;
  • Barbecue grill light
  • Granite work surface
  • Heavy-duty vinyl cover
  • Infrared rotisserie
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
Stainless steel heat distribution plates

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