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Shop for your Ducane LP Grill online or from an authorized dealer. Some people may find it hard to find an authorized dealer in their area. Some states, however, do not have authorized Ducane dealers.

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If you live in Kansas, there is only one authorized dealer in the entire state. Vermonters must go to New York. Those living in Maine must head south to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The thought of driving for hours out of state isn't highly appealing, but there are online options if you want a Ducane LP gas grill.

Tips for Shopping Online

Overall price of your Ducane LP gas grill is obviously important, but there are other things you must consider. NewEgg and Amazon.com both sell Ducane LP gas grills online for a competitive price, but shipping costs and return policies are drastically different.

Amazon.com is at the mercy of their online marketplace retailers. Shipping on gas grills runs upwards of $350 in many cases. You're adding more than half the retail price to the overall cost. In addition, most retailers give you no more than 14 days to return the grill to their store. It must be in the original packaging and the original condition. You also have to use the same method of shipping, so if your gas grill came with UPS, you must return it to UPS for return shipping.

NewEgg requires you to report shipping damage within 48 hours or you cannot return the item citing damage. Otherwise, they will not accept returns on large items. NewEgg's shipping is much less expensive, however. Shipping rates depend on your location, but usually you won't pay more than $50. Shipping a barbecue to New England would cost $19.99 (2009 rates).

Check the box for any damage before signing for your Ducane LP gas grill. You have the right to refuse the package and then the company has to pay for the return shipping.

Online Gas and Charcoal Grill Retailers

Sites like GrillsDirect sell a number of outdoor cooking grill models. You can search by manufacturer, fuel type and price range. You'll find a wide variety of grills, including Ducane LP gas grills. Best of all, shipping rates are a flat $10 for gas grills and sales prices are almost always in effect.

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