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Ducane propane grills cook quickly and require only a few minutes to heat up. However, it's important to understand how to cook on the grill for your safety.

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Keep Your Ducane Propane Grill Clean

Prevent dangerous flare ups from occurring by keeping your Ducane propane grill clean. Check grease traps regularly and empty them as needed to prevent grease from building up inside your grill.

Keep mice out of your grill by sprinkling crushed red pepper flakes on the ground around the grill. Before lighting your grill, check to make sure a mouse hasn't created a nest inside.

Check for Leaks Before Lighting

Propane has a smell similar to that of rotten eggs. Check your gas grill connections periodically for that smell. If you aren't sensitive to the smell, purchase liquid leak detector from your area home and building supply store.

Visually inspect tubes for spider nests and holes to prevent a build up of gas from starting a fire.

Proper Storage of Your Propane Tank

Do not store propane inside your home, garage or shed. Propane is volatile and best stored outside away from your house.

If you keep a second propane tank on hand, keep it away from your bbq grill. It's always a good habit to remember to turn off the gas from the regulator as soon as you are done bbq grilling. Some people figure turning off just the knobs to the burner is good enough, but realistically it's unsafe to leave the gas regulator open when you are not using the grill.

Tips for Swapping Out and Empty Propane Tank

When one propane tank on your Ducane propane grill is empty, turn off all knobs and valves. Loosen the regulator and clips to remove the one tank. Move it away from the bbq grill and install your spare tank following the same procedure.

Keep the protective cover on your full propane tank to prevent spiders from crawling into the nozzle area. Check the hose for any blockages before installing the full tank.

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