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Enhance your cooking experience with Fire Magic accessories. Fire Magic sells a few very handy pieces of equipment that turn your bbq grill into a professional grill station that friends and neighbors envy.

Charcoal Basket

Fire Magic's charcoal basket fits over your gas grill's burner. Use the burner to light the charcoal and then once they are lit, turn the burner off. This is a great option for those who enjoy cooking on charcoal, but like the speed and convenience of a gas barbecue grill at the end of a busy day.

Few people have the time it takes after a long work day to wait for charcoal to light properly. By turning your gas grill into a charcoal and gas grill, you can cook meats using either method depending on your time constraints. The charcoal basket Fire Magic accessories are handy items to have.

Cradle Rotisserie

A cradle rotisserie sits in front of a Fire Magic back burner allowing you to cook foods rotisserie style whenever you want. The cradle rotisserie fits perfectly on the grill and you can add and remove meat in seconds. You turn the handle of this Fire Magic accessory as needed to make sure each side of your meat item is grilled to perfection.

When you're done cooking, use a hot mitt and carry the entire cradle rotisserie inside. It's lightweight, yet durable.

Infrared Cook Grids

When ordering your new Fire Magic gas grill, ask the authorized dealer about the infrared conversion Fire Magic accessory plug-ins. If you already own a Fire Magic outdoor cooker, you can purchase infrared cartridges and install them yourself.

Infrared tiles install above the burners turning your gas grill into an infrared bbq grilling station. The ceramic tiles can be added to one side or the entire bottom.


If you've ever tried grilling at night when the sun has set, you'll understand that lighting is a troublesome issue. If your grill is away from your porch or patio light, you'll need a flashlight to ensure the meats are browned properly so that you can turn them.

The Rotis-A-Light Fire Magic accessory option is a halogen light that attaches to the side of your grill. Position the light so that it illuminates the cooking grate and you'll know exactly when your foods are cooked.

Contact Your Dealer

On top of those frequently purchased Fire Magic accessories, there are other big ticket items like refrigerators, garbage bins and cookware that you can add to your outdoor grill.

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