Fire Magic Barbecue Grill - FireMagic BBQ Grills Gas and Charcoal

A Fire Magic barbecue is one of the most versatile in the world. Many outdoor decks and patio grills are either gas or charcoal. If you enjoy cooking on both, you own two grills that take up additional space leaving you less room for your patio furnishings.

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Fire Magic's innovated bbq grills move a step forward by allowing you to use charcoal when desired or gas the rest of the time. Any of the Fire Magic gas barbecue grills can be converted to use both by simply purchasing an optional charcoal box.

Optional Charcoal Basket for Fire Magic Barbecue Grills

Gas Fire Magic bbq grills have space for a charcoal basket that fits over the gas burner. Turn on the gas to light the charcoal briquettes. Once they're glowing, turn the gas off and the charcoal continues to light. You can also use the charcoal basket with hardwood for hardwood lump coal.

Do not use charcoal that is pre-soaked with lighter fluid. Natural wood lump coal is best.

Cooking on a Fire Magic Barbecue Grill using Charcoal

Cooking on a charcoal grill isn't much different to cooking on gas. The most important issue is getting the coals to the right temperature. If you are using lump wood or chopped firewood, wait until the coals are glowing orange-red. This maximizes the infrared radiation that creates the optimal heat levels.

If you've ever sat around a fire or wood stove, you know how the heat generates best once there is a good bed of glowing hot coals. That's the goal with a Fire Magic bbq grill with charcoal. Wait until the coals are red hot. Infrared radiation is at it's best and meats will cook quickly while searing the outside to trap juices.

Don't poke at your meats a lot. You want the meats to be juicy inside, and too many holes provide an outlet for the juices to escape. Instead of a bbq grilling fork, use tongs and be careful not to puncture the meat or tear the skin if you are cooking poultry.

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