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Fire Magic Built-In Grills turn your outdoor space into fabulous kitchen areas. An outdoor deck or patio grill that's built into a counter will quickly become one of the most talked about objects in your yard.

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There are numerous Fire Magic Built-in grills available. The full product line includes:

  • Aurora
  • Custom I
  • Deluxe
  • Echelon
  • Regal I

Learn more about the different series and models below.

Aurora Fire Magic Built In Grills

Enjoy five Aurora gas grill models. They include:

  • 430i – 432 square inches with 50,000 BTUs
  • 530i – 530 square inches with 60,000 BTUs
  • 540i – 540 square inches with 60,000 BTUs
  • 660i – 660 square inches with 82,000 BTUs
  • 790i – 792 square inches with 90,000 BTUs

Aurora Fire Magic built in barbecuing grills feature infrared back burners, individual cook zones, sealed brass side burners and electronic ignition. The built-in outdoor grill models are designed to fit into your outdoor island. Check dimensions before cutting a hole where the grill will sit to make sure you have the correct spacing.

Custom I Fire Magic Built In Grills

Custom I Fire Magic built-in bbq grills burn charcoal. The smoker has a solid lid that traps in smoke to flavor your food while it slowly cooks. Both offer 432 square inches of cook space.

Deluxe Fire Magic Built In Grills

The Deluxe Fire Magic Built In Grill offers 792 square in cooking grates and two burners totaling 97,000 BTUs. The bbq grills feature cast stainless steel burners with individual controls for each burner.

You can also get a counter top version of the Deluxe Fire Magic built-in grill that also offers 792 square inches of cook space and totals 97,000 BTUs. The counter top version has controls to the side of the grill rather than on a front panel.

Echelon Fire Magic Built In Grills

Echelon Fire Magic Built-in outdoor cookers come in three models.

  • 660i – 660 square inches with 78,000 BTUs
  • 790i – 792 square inches with 99,000 BTUs
  • 1060i – 1,056 square inches with 115,000 BTUs

These are professional outdoor bbq grills and include smoker drawers, halogen lights, seamless hoods and built-in digital thermometers. The award-winning grills are the crème de la crème of any outdoor patio kitchen.

Regal I Fire Magic Built In Grills

You have three options for Regal I Fire Magic built in grills. The Regal I Counter top operates using gas. Control knobs are on the side. The other two are charcoal grills. Choose between the Regal I or the Regal I smoker. Both fit into your outdoor cook space and include a front drawer for adding charcoal or wood fuel. Regal I gas and charcoal grills offer more than 500 square inches of cooking area.

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