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Whip up smoky, succulent meats with a Fire Magic charcoal grill. Hot coals ensure meats cook to juicy perfection as the heat traps juices inside where they belong. Patio charcoal grills look sleek with the stainless steel structuring and modern design.

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Choose from four Fire Magic charcoal grill models. Each offers a crank-operated charcoal bed that raises and lowers as desired allowing you to cook meats, seafood and vegetables directly over the coals or a short distance from them.

Custom I Outdoor Grill

The Fire Magic charcoal grill model Custom I provides an 18 by 24 inch cooking grate. Load charcoal from the front of the outdoor charcoal grill and use the crank to raise or lower the charcoal to your liking.

The charcoal grill's charcoal pan allows air to freely flow around and under the bricks for optimal heating. Everything is crafted from durable stainless steel to prevent any heat loss while cooking.

Custom I Smoker Outdoor Cooker

The Fire Magic charcoal grill Custom I Smoker is similar in size and looks to the Custom I. The biggest difference is the heavy-duty grill lid that closes securely to trap in smoke. Lower the coals so that the grill temperature is kept to a minimum and you're rewarded with smoked foods that taste superior.

Regal I Outdoor Grill

Larger than the Custom I outdoor charcoal grills, the Fire Magic Charcoal Regal I Grill offers 540 square inches of cooking space. The patio charcoal grill is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and includes a charcoal pan that is lowered or raised by a crank handle.

Refueling is simple. Open the front door to access the charcoal pan and add new coals or wood as needed. Air shutters on the charcoal grill allow you to adjust the grill's temperature as needed.

Regal I Smoker Outdoor Cooker

Fire Magic's charcoal outdoor smoker is similar to the Regal I. The key difference is the addition of a smoker lid that traps smoke inside the grill for optimal bbq grilling. It's the greatest barbecue grill to have if you like smoked meats and seafood.

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