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Fire Magic grill parts are designed to last years. Even the best burner will eventually need replacing. Shopping for Fire Magic parts is easy. You can either call your local authorized dealer or go online to find the parts you require.

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The most commonly replaced parts on a Fire Magic charcoal, electric or gas grill include:

  • Air shutters
  • Burner clips
  • Burner knobs
  • Grease trays

Sites like offer a large selection of authentic Fire Magic parts making it easy to find exactly what you need for your Fire Magic grill model.

Replacement Electronic Ignitions

Many gas grill owners find the electronic ignition systems tend to last only a year or two. Fire Magic ignition kits are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can purchase each component separately or buy a replacement kit that includes the push button, spark generator and electrodes.

Fire Magic Cooking Grates

Crafted from cast stainless steel, Fire Magic outdoor grill grates last years if you clean them regularly. You can purchase replacement cooking grates for all of the Fire Magic outdoor grill models.

Burners, Hoses and Regulators

Burners are designed to last a long time, but as most Fire Magic gas grills last decades, the time may come when your burner needs replacing.

Purchase your burners, hoses and gas regulators online or from authorized Fire Magic dealers. If your burner is okay but the clips have rusted through, you can even find replacement burner clips for very little money.

Maintaining Your Fire Magic Gas Grill

The best way to extend the life of your gas grill is by keeping it clean. Turn the burners to high after every use and scrape off drippings and stuck on food particles before turning your gas grill off. If you forget to do it before shutting it off, make sure you clean it again before grilling another food item.

At least once a month, use a damp scrub pad or sponge to wipe out grease from the bbq grill cover. Remove the grill's cooking grates and wipe away grease from the burners and the bottom casing.

Purchase a maintenance kit from an authorized dealer if your grill is ready for an overhaul. Maintenance kits include burner systems, cooking grates, grill cleaning spray and an ignition kit.

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