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If your home uses natural gas, another option is connecting your natural gas line to your grill, rather than continually buying and refilling propane tanks. Many grills come equipped for this. Most Weber grills are also available as natural-gas grills, and these versions usually cost about $30 more. You'll need to hire a licensed plumber or contractor, and in many jurisdictions, either you or the contractor must secure permits from the appropriate local government agency to be able to run a gas line. Zoning regulations may apply.

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Costs will vary considerably based on location and your specific needs, but our research indicates prices between $500 and $1,000 are common. The contractor should install a dedicated shut off valve. Specialty dealers may do the installation for you. Vincent M. Mallozzi of The New York Times writes about his trials and tribulations with converting a grill to natural gas in "A Slow Burn Over a New Gas Grill."

For information on recalls, check the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Every couple of years, Weber conducts an owner survey asking about cooking preferences (steak and chicken but not much fish), gas or charcoal, and on which holidays owners grill most often (Fourth of July wins). Read the results of the annual Weber Grillwatch Survey.

For the truly obsessed, is a website that advocates grills using "triple gourmet cooking action." That's infrared, gas and charcoal. Infrared light on these models is used to sear food quickly, sealing in the juices, according to site editor Kevin Malone. We're not sure how many people are looking to spend $5,000 and up on one of these luxury grills, but they are fun to read about. has good information about high-end grills.

An article by Deb Alden at, "Selecting the Right Grill for Outdoor Cooking," has some good buyer's guide information.

If you would enjoy making a statement or purchasing a more whimsical grill, check out some of the other grills featured at the luxury lifestyle blog, Among the sizzlers is a gigantic pistol barbecue, an elaborate grill designed to look like a three-car train and the new BBQ Vette (*Est. $2,500), which the manufacturer (Pink Slip Fabrication LLC) claims is a state-of-the-art grill, and not just a novelty product. Custom paint jobs are available.

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