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Most electric hibachi grills provide an indoor grilling surface. On a rainy day, this is a huge benefit. You enjoy the taste of grilled foods without having to stand out in the rain and hope your grill gets hot enough for bbq grilling.

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You can use your electric hibachi grill outside if you have a nearby outlet. However, most people find barbecue grills to be far more satisfactory.

Benefits to an Electric Hibachi Grill

Because no charcoal or propane gas is required to heat up, you can safely use an electric hibachi grill indoors. Simply plug it in, let it preheat and you're ready to go.

Place an electric hibachi grill on your table and let guests enjoy cooking their own appetizers to taste. An Asian themed Teppenyaki party is a great way to save yourself time by letting guests cook their own appetizers. Just make sure everyone knows when the hibachi grill is hot to prevent burns.

Downfall to an Electric Hibachi Grill

Some electric hibachi grills are little more than a griddle with raised lines to create grill marks. You will not get a grilled flavor from one of these electric hibachi grills. You will, however, get well cooked food that appears to be grilled.

Electric home hibachi grills have a limited surface area. Most are no larger than 12 by 10 inches. You'll have room for a four chicken breasts and nothing more.

Heat levels on an electric hibachi grill are sufficient for cooking meats, but in essence you are simply pan frying your meats, so they have a tendency to dry out quickly unless you frequently baste them.

You Decide if an Electric Hibachi Grill is Right for You

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if an electric hibachi grill suits your needs. Much of your decision on the form of barbecue grill you purchase is dictated by the space your have available, regulations of your condo or apartment complex and your budget.

For some, an electric hibachi grill simply makes sense. You can use it indoors and enjoy bbq grilling techniques at the same time.

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