Indoor Hibachi Grill - Portable Grills

An indoor hibachi grill either plugs into your outlet or uses Sterno to heat a cooking grate. Either home hibachi grill is safe to use indoors without risking carbon monoxide poisoning. Never use an outdoor hibachi grill inside your home. It's simply not worth the health risk.

Electric Hibachi Grill Information

Most electric hibachi grills are sized like an electric griddle. You plug the hibachi grill into an outlet and wait for the grill top to heat up. Some simply have a flat grill top, while others have raised bumps to create grill marks on your meats and vegetables.

Electric hibachi grills are easy to clean. Most have Teflon surfaces preventing foods from sticking. When you're done, unplug the grill, remove the adapter plug and hand wash the hibachi grill.

Sterno Hibachi Grills are All the Rage

Sterno hibachi grills do not get as hot as a gas or charcoal hibachi grill. However, if you allow the cooking grate to heat up long enough, you do get a surface suitable for grilling thin strips of meats and vegetables.

Sterno is sold in many grocery and hardware stores. Sterno fueled hibachi grills have a ring in the center of the unit, beneath the cooking grate, that holds the Sterno can in place preventing accidental tipping. Simply open the can of Sterno, light it and in a few minutes your guests can cook their own appetizers.

Asian Themed Parties

If you are holding a party and want time to spend with guests, an Asian themed Teppenyaki party is a great way to eliminate the time you'll spend behind the grill. You can set up a table covered with platters of vegetables, platters of meat strips set in bowls of crushed ice and dipping sauces.

Simply have your guests cook meats and vegetables as they desire. Once cooked, they'll dip the item in the dipping sauces and eat right there at the table. As everyone mingles, conversations flow nicely and people will enjoy having spent a unique night out.

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