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A cast iron hibachi grill offers a lifetime of grilling. Providing you follow general maintenance routines for your outdoor charcoal grill, cast iron doesn't rust or corrode easily. While the original cost may be higher than that of an aluminum hibachi grill, you won't need to replace this grill every couple of years.

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Many cast iron hibachi grills require some assembly before you use the grill. Generally, this is done with a screwdriver or wrench and is only necessary to attach handles. The actual hibachi style grill bed is forged to be a solid unit.

Choosing a Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

As there are different brands of cast iron grills, some far superior to others, pay close attention to whether the grill has been seasoned at the foundry. Lodge does this with all of their outdoor hibachi grills. Seasoning cast iron is an important step in preventing rust and making the cast iron surfaces relatively non-stick.

Choose a hibachi style grill that has the surface area you want for cooking. Most have two cooking grates that are raised or lowered to the optimal position for cooking.

Make sure your cast iron hibachi grill has air vents to allow you to regulate the amount of heat output from the charcoal. This is especially helpful for getting your charcoal lit. Oxygen is the best way to effectively light your coals.

Tips for Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

Vermont Country Stores sells an affordable cast iron hibachi grill. While tempting, you will need to season the grill first. This is best if done before assembly. Rub a thin coating of lard over the cast iron surfaces and bake them in a 300 degree oven for two hours. After the first fifteen minutes, use a dry cloth to rub out any lard that is pooling in the hibachi grill.

Periodically seasoning the grill and cooking grates will ensure its non-stick quality. If your favored bbq grilling technique includes basting sauces, keeping the hibachi grill seasoned and clean is important to its longevity.

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