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Purchase a Lodge hibachi style grill and you're certain to be impressed. Since the 1800s, Lodge has been the only name in the United States for cast iron cookware and for good reason. Lodge cast iron fry pans and griddles will last a lifetime. Providing you take the time to properly season your Lodge item, it will last for decades. In fact, it's quite realistic that generations from now, your great-grandchildren will still be using your Lodge product.

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Lodge hibachi style grills are no different. They are built to withstand high temperatures and turn out exceptional grilled items.

Lodge Logic Sportsman's Hibachi Style Grill Information

The Lodge hibachi grill includes the oval cast iron hibachi grill and a matching cast iron grate. You can adjust the height of the grill to suit your needs. Best of all, the hibachi grill is seasoned at the foundry allowing you to bypass that important step. A properly seasoned cast iron charcoal grill prevents rust.

Benefits of the Lodge Logic Sportman's Hibachi Style Grill include the large barbecue grill surface. At over 17 inches long and 9 inches wide, you have room for burgers and hot dogs. Access the hot coals through a flip-down door in the front that is embossed with the Lodge logo. Open the front air vent to increase the draft that helps ignite your charcoal.

Maintaining Your Lodge Hibachi Style Grill's Finish

When you're done bbq grilling, allow the ashes to cool completely. Once the outdoor hibachi style grill is cool to the touch, open the charcoal access door and remove all the ashes. Use a nylon or plastic scrubber to remove stuck on, greasy messes from the cast iron hibachi grill's surface.

Follow the same procedure with the cooking grate. When it is cleaned, rub it with a light coating of vegetable oil. This retains the non-stick quality and protects the cooking grate against rust and corrosion.

Consider the Optional Hibachi Grill Cover

Protect your Lodge hibachi style grill with a custom-fitted grill cover. Crafted from high-quality vinyl and polyester, the outdoor hibachi grill cover keeps your cast iron bbq grill from damaging exposure to the elements. The charcoal grill cover features an elastic cord to keep it secure in high wind situations.

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