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A portable hibachi bbq grill is a must for anyone on the go. Do you travel in an RV? Frequent tailgate parties? Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach? Love camping? If any of these describe your activities, you need a hibachi grill to take with you.

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A portable hibachi bbq grill gives you the opportunity to enjoy bbq grilling no matter where you are. With a lenient boss, you can cook department meals outside and spend time socializing with your co-workers. Take the kids to the park for the day and offer them a hot meal instead of typical sandwiches and chips. Make the most of your day at the beach by cooking up the seafood you caught while shore fishing.

The Son of Hibachi Portable Grilletto

Perfect for traveling, the Son of Hibachi Portable Grilletto is a portable hibachi bbq grill that lights quickly and can be packed up while still hot. Folded for storage, the hibachi grill creates a chimney shape with an ash tray at the bottom.

Place charcoal briquettes into each grilling tray side. Add crumpled newspaper or lighter fluid to the ash tray and close the unit up. Now light the material in the ash tray and the chimney effect causes the briquettes to catch within ten minutes. Once the charcoal is lit, unfold the hibachi grill and you have two grilling grates all ready for your meats and vegetables.

When you're done cooking, allow the grill to remain open for a couple minutes to burn off any residue from the cooking grates. Fold up the unit and store it in the heat-proof Snuff-Out Pouch. You can put your grill back into your trunk or truck bed while it is still hot.

Portable Hibachi Camping Grill

A number of companies, including Weber, make portable hibachi camping grills. These outdoor hibachi grills use charcoal to cook foods to perfection. Most have cooking grates that you can lower or raise over the coals depending on the type of food you are cooking. Cook delicate foods like shrimp or fish high above the coals, while you'll want steaks to be right over the coals.

With these portable hibachi bbq grills, you must allow the outdoor cooker to cool before you return it to your car trunk or truck bed. Use gloves to prevent burns when you're emptying hot charcoals into a fire-proof canister.

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