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Derived from the Japanese term “Fire” (Hi) “Bowl” (Bachi), a hibachi BBQ grill is a small aluminum or cast iron outdoor cooker. Chinese and Japanese used hibachi grills as heating sources, often in public areas like rail stations. Early home hibachi grills were carved from wood and then lined with clay. Over time, the Asians created a variety of metal and ceramic hibachi grills that were used to heat homes and public areas because central heating is still not common in many areas.

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In the U.S., hibachi style grills have become popular, space saving outdoor charcoal grill.

Hibachi BBQ grills are very compact and are widely accepted as one of the best portable charcoal grills available. Because they take up little space in your trunk or truck bed and require a minimal amount of charcoal, they are commonly found at camp sites, tailgate parties and picnics.

Types of a Hibachi BBQ Grill

Today's outdoor hibachi grill uses charcoal or gas as fuel. The basic design is a bowl or half-tube that is attached to a base and has a cooking grate covering the top. You light the charcoal or gas burner on the hibachi bbq grill, wait for the cooking grate area to become hot enough and then grill your foods.

Most hibachi bbq grills are made from aluminum or cast iron. You can purchase porcelain versions, but they are generally move expensive and considered a decorative item by many. Cast iron are best for heat retention and durability, but they are heavier to transport.

Some grills offer enamel or porcelain coatings to protect the metal finish. You may also come across brass hibachi grills, but they are going to be most expensive and tarnish easily.

Gas hibachi style grills are newer. People like them because they light quickly and are ready for foods in less time. A gas grill requires a small propane tank to be purchased separately.

Brands of Hibachi BBQ Grills

Many companies make hibachi grills. Some of the best brands include:

  • BBQ Guys
  • Johnson-Rose
  • Lodge
  • Napa Style
  • Son of Hibachi

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