Infrared Barbecue Grill - Infra Red BBQ Outdoor Grills

Infrared barbecue grills are meant to be stationary. You choose a place on your outdoor deck or patio and have the grill installed and hooked to a natural gas line or propane source.

Many infrared bbq grills are built into an outdoor counter or work space. If you are the type of person who likes to shift furniture and deck arrangements out from time to time, you'll need to adjust to the fact that few infrared outdoor cooking grills allow you to readily move the grill around on a whim.

Portable Infra-red BBQ Grills

Certain manufacturers, such as Solaire, are starting to create portable infra-red outdoor cookers. These bbq grills are expensive, but fit into a trunk or truck bed for tailgate parties or picnics. However, their small cooking grid will limit the amount of food that fits onto the bbq grilling station.

Picking the Best Location for Your Stationary Infrared Grill

The most important aspect of placing an infrared cooking grill is finding a location near your fuel source. If you use natural gas, you will need to have your gas company run a line to your outdoor gas grill. If you use propane, it might be worthwhile to see if your propane company can create another line, otherwise, you'll need an area that has room for your propane tank and the grill.

For longevity, it's best to put your infra red outdoor cooking grill in an area that is sheltered from rain or snow. If this is not possible, invest in a quality grill cover. Take measurements before shopping for the cover because there are a lot of different widths and lengths.

Do not locate your infrared barbecue grill within a couple feet of your house siding, especially if you have vinyl siding. The heat from the grill will melt the vinyl. It's best to also avoid placing it near trees, fences or deck posts.

Choose level spots where infra red cooking grills will not rock or slant. If the outdoor gas grill tips over, a broken fuel line is a fire hazard.

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