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Cleaning an infrared grill burner periodically extends the life of the burner and other components. How often you clean the infra red outdoor grill depends on what you've been grilling and how often the bbq grill is used.

If you marinade your meats with basting sauces rather than dry rubs, your outdoor cooker will need cleaning more often. Most bbq grill manufacturers recommend turning your burner to high after you've cooked your foods to help burn off any sauce or food particles.

Cleaning Your Infrared Cooking Grill's Grates

Start the cleaning process by using a wire brush to remove baked on messes from the bbq grill grate. Most infra-red grill grates clean easily if the grates are still warm. If you do this as a last step, you'll end up with particles on your cleaned infra-red patio grill, so always clean the grates first.

For really stuck on messes, remove the grate and place it on a junky towel. Spray the entire grate with fume-free oven cleaner and let it sit for half an hour. Spray with your hose. If the grates fit in your dishwasher, most can be safely washed on a heavy-duty cycle.

Cleaning the Infrared Grill Burner

Clean the infra red grill burner when the grill is cold. While the outdoor grill's grates are being cleaned, access the burner. With many models, the burner lifts out by lifting the back of the burner and pulling upwards. Check your manufacturing instructions for precise instructions.

Place the burner on a junky towel and run a wet/dry vacuum over the grate to remove loose particles. Check all of the air holes in the ceramic tiles and clean out any blocked holes. Usually a pin or needle works effectively.

Turn the burner on its end, so that the venturi tube is facing the table surface, and shake out any ashes trapped in the infrared grill burner. Run the vacuum over the burner one more time to get any remaining mess.

Before putting the infrared grill burner back into place, check the venturi tube for blockages. If there are any, remove those before reinstalling the bbq grill burner.

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