Infrared Gas Grill - Infra Red Propane Grills

Infrared gas grills require a fuel source, usually propane or natural gas. Many people worry about the cost of operating this type of bbq grill, but realistically they are energy efficient because they heat and cook faster than any other type of barbecue grill.

Infrared gas grills require a fuel source and are usually stationary once connected to a fuel line. While there are portable infra-red barbecue grills, they limit the amount of cooking space.

Because you connect an infra-red barbecue gas grill to a fuel source, you do need to pick a location with room to run a gas line from your propane or natural gas source. Otherwise, make sure you have room for the grill and propane tank. It's beneficial to keep a spare tank on hand in case one runs out.

Heightened Temperature Range with an Outdoor Propane Cooking Grill

A typical outdoor gas grill rarely tops 750 degrees if turned to high. Most cook at an average of 500 to 600 degrees and require a few minutes to reach those temperatures. A charcoal grill is much hotter, typically reaching temperatures of 700 degrees. With a patio charcoal grill, it can take half an hour before your coals are ready.

Infrared gas grills reach temperatures of 450 to 900 degrees in minutes. Because you do not need to preheat your outdoor gas grill, you use up less fuel, saving money and being fuel efficient.

With many people trying to conserve their propane usage to save money, the infra-red bbq grill makes sense.

Put Dinner on the Table Faster

Because infrared gas grills require no preheating time and cook at much higher temperatures, it takes far less time to cook a meal. You can have restaurant quality grilled foods in a matter of minutes.

Those who love the taste of wood-smoked meats or vegetables can toss some wood chips onto the outdoor gas grill cooking grates and get that delightful flavor.

Having dinner ready in less time enables you to spend time with your family and friends. Gatherings are a breeze because you can quickly cook foods and have more time with guests.

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