Portable Infrared Grill - Infra Red Portable Gas Grills

Tired of permanent outdoor gas grills? A portable infrared grill goes with you to picnics, tailgate parties and other gatherings. Up until recently, most infrared outdoor gas grills had to be permanently affixed to a fuel line. Once you'd placed the grill, it would be there for good.

People like the freedom to bring their bbq grill with them if they move, go camping or simply need quality infrared cooking grills for get-togethers. To solve this issue, portable infrared grills were developed.

One issue that people do have with portable infrared grills is that the burner goes out in high wind. If you place the grill in a sheltered spot this will alleviate this issue. Some outdoor grill models also withstand wind better if you stand to block the wind and then move only after the burner has fully heated.

Fuel Source for Portable Infrared Grills

Solaire sells one of the nation's most popular portable infrared grill. The outdoor cooking grill is fueled with one-pound propane tanks. If you prefer to bring a larger twenty-pound tank, you'll need the adapter.

Check the Cooking Grate Size

Most portable infrared grills have a smaller cooking grate. Even so, the average grate holds eight hamburgers, so you should be able to cook a family meal on these smaller infra-red outdoor cooking grills.

If you are cooking for a crowd at a tailgating party, just keep a steady supply of burgers and hot dogs going and you'll be a crowd pleaser. Because infrared grilling is fast, you'll easily feed a huge crowd on the one tank of propane and still have time to enjoy the festivities around you.

Other Important Features of Infrared Grills

The infra red bbq grills are generally small enough to fit in the trunk of a car and most come with handy carrying bags. Weighing under 30 pounds, you'll find it easy to bring the outdoor cooker with you on your travels.

Many of the top-selling infrared grills come pre-assembled. You'll only need to add the handles and propane tank and then the grill is ready for use. This makes it easy to set up and be ready to grill right out of the box.

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