Infrared Outdoor Grill - Infra Red Gas Barbecue Grills

An infrared outdoor grill sears foods quickly at a temperature of more than 900 degrees. Infrared cooking grills rely on a fuel source, such as propane, to heat a large ceramic tile that then glows red and releases infra-red radiation. This infra-red radiation is the same heat emitted from a glowing piece of charcoal.

Converting Fuel Sources to Infra-Red Radiation

As the fuel source heats up the ceramic tile, molecules vibrate creating heat. When you cook on wood or charcoal, the heat forces the fuel source to burn and it will glow orange, red or yellow. The brighter the color, the hotter the fuel source.

With an infra-red outdoor cooking grill, the ceramic tile will glow bright red or orange as the heat increases. The heat output fills the entire grid area of the bbq grill, not just a strip along the center. You get better overall heat for faster cooking without any unexpected cold spots.

Benefits to Infrared Outdoor Grills

The biggest benefit to an infra red cooking grill is the amount of time it takes to heat. Infrared grills are ready for food in a matter of minutes. Most barbecue grills, charcoal or gas, require time to preheat. By requiring less preheating, you use less fuel.

Traditional outdoor gas grills have one burner that spans the bottom center of the grill. Air throughout the rest of the grill and grill box flows readily creating hot and cold spots. Meat dries out as you cook it. Infrared outdoor grills have no cold spots, so you enjoy a better grilling experience.

Foods cooked on infra-red patio grills cook faster because of the very high temperature. Because foods cook quickly, dinner is ready in less time and the amount of fuel used during the entire cooking process is reduced.

Infrared grilling produces meats that taste similar to those cooked on an outdoor charcoal grill, the only thing missing is the smoky taste. The food sears quickly forming a crust that traps juices inside. If you want to add smoke chips in a heavy-duty foil package or wood chip smoker box to create wood-smoked tasting meats, that's always a possibility.

In fact, many restaurants use infra-red grilling techniques on their meats and seafood dishes. You end up with restaurant-quality meals.

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