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When deck or patio space is an issue, go with the Lynx 27 Inch Grill. With fold-down side trays, the gas grill takes up a minimal amount of space. Meanwhile, the outdoor grill's features ensure a system worthy of your bbq grilling needs.

Choose Between Freestanding or Built-In

Lynx's outdoor grills come with the option of built-in or freestanding models. If you have an outdoor kitchen in mind, the built-in line of gas grills offer durability and professional quality. They drop into your existing bbq grill space in any outdoor counter area.

If you simply want a grill for your deck or patio, a freestanding model offers excellent grilling technology and tosses in stainless steel cupboard space for storage. Freestanding outdoor grills are crafted entirely from stainless steel and sit on casters making them easy to move from one spot to another. The side trays are also crafted from stainless steel and easily hold a platter of foods to be grilled, your tools and any basting sauces.

Features of the Lynx 27 Inch Grill

Lynx 27 inch grills provide 685 square inches of stainless steel cooking surface. The cooking grates are set over cast brass burners that total 50,000 BTUs. The burners light via a glow coil ignition with batteries and the burner control knobs offer LED back-lighting so that you always see the settings, even in dim lighting.

When you're cooking, the gas grill lid has a built in thermometer gauge allowing you to know for certain when to start bbq grilling. A halogen grill light keeps the cooking grates lit after the sun sets.

Other features include:

  • Aerodynamic lid design minimizes wind from getting into the grill
  • Ceramic briquettes evenly distribute heat
  • Double door storage area fits a propane tank and bbq grilling tools
  • Easy-to-lift grill lid
  • Removable smoker box

The Lynx 27 inch grill comes with or without a rotisserie burner. If you want the model with the outdoor cooker rotisserie burner, enjoy a three-speed motorized rotisserie with a rear infrared burner.

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