Lynx 30 Inch Grills - Professional Outdoor Grill

Lynx 30 Inch Grill offerings include four models. Two are freestanding and two are built-in. The biggest difference includes whether you want the ProSear burner with a rotisserie. Freestanding models tend to be most popular, but if you have an outdoor kitchen, the versatility offered by Lynx outdoor grills make them great contenders.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, make sure you measure the space for your outdoor grill carefully. Get both the wide and depth to make sure the hole is large enough. Many experts agree it's best to measure twice to prevent mistakes.

Common Features of Lynx 30 Inch Grill Models

All 30-inch gas grills offered by Lynx include handy features and durable components. Start with the stainless steel design. The gas grills are designed to be airtight to prevent heat from escaping and keep wind gusts from affecting your flame levels.

Other important features include:

  • Built-in temperature gauge in the lid
  • Cast brass burners totaling 50,000 BTUs
  • Ceramic briquettes for heat distribution
  • Easy-to-open grill lid
  • Glow boil for burner ignition with battery back-up
  • Halogen grill light to illuminate the cooking grate
  • LED light control knobs
  • Removable smoker box
  • Stainless steel cooking grates measuring 840 square inches
  • Welded construction for durability

If you opt for the rotisserie model, you also get a two-position rotisserie with a three-speed motor. The rotisserie sits in front of an infrared burner.

Is the Rotisserie Option for You

Many people struggle to decide if they really need a rotisserie. If you're strictly a burgers and hot dog type, you may never use the option. However, a rotisserie may widen your horizons. Rotisserie cooked chickens that you've created will quickly become family favorites.

Rotisseries also work wonders on briskets. With a little preparation and patience while the meats roast, you can turn out succulent roast beef or lamb that tops what many restaurants serve.

Best of all, a rotisserie is a great way to serve a crowd without being stuck behind the gas grill. Simply turn the motor on, set the flame on your outdoor cooker and let the meat slowly cook while you enjoy a drink and conversation.

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