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A Lynx barbecue grill is a wise investment. If you enjoy cooking outside either in the summer or year round, the outdoor cooker's features matter. Not every grill is built to last and some offer features that are rarely used. Learn the features your gas grill should have.

From $20 hibachis to gas grills topping the $4,000 range, the outdoor grill you select should fit your budget but also be safe. Some grills deteriorate so quickly that they end up being a fire hazard only after a few months use. Following a maintenance schedule helps, but the craftsmanship of the components and grill itself are equally important.

Gas Grill Burners and BTUs

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are a measurement used to record how much energy it would take to heat a pound of water by one degree fahrenheit. In terms of gas grills, BTUs become important because if a burner is not powerful enough, the grill will be unable to sear your meats properly. Meats will dry out because they'll take much longer to cook.

A general rule of thumb is that every square inch of cooking grate space on a Lynx BBQ grill should have approximately 100 BTUs to heat it. If your outdoor grill offers 800 square inches of cooking space, you need 80,000 BTU burners. Few gas grills match that ideal, so get as close to that figure as possible.

The base 27-inch Lynx Barbecue Grill offers 685 square inches of cooking area. The grill offers two cast brass burners with a total of 50,000 BTUs. This isn't ideal, but it is better than many other gas grills out there. One of the benefits to the Lynx Barbecue Grill is the tight sealing lid that prevents hot air from escaping and cool air from getting into your grill. That feature helps ensure your meats and vegetables sear properly to prevent them from becoming dry and leathery.

Side Shelves on Your Lynx Barbecue Grill

Unless you have a table near your gas grill, you'll need a place to set condiments, bbq grilling tools and your platters of foods to be grilled. All Lynx bbq grills come with stainless steel side shelves. You'll find the side shelves are incredibly useful for keeping organized as you grill.

When possible look for side trays that fold down in between use. You'll be able to save space on your deck or patio while your outdoor grill is tucked away.

Don't Forget Storage

If you operate your gas grill on propane, cabinet storage helps keep the propane tank protected from snow and ice. Lynx bbq grills have double door storage areas that fit a propane tank and other bbq grilling accessories.

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