Lynx Grill Cover - Outdoor Covers for Grills

Protect your new outdoor cooker with a Lynx grill cover. Ice, snow, dust and pollen can damage the stainless steel finish. By purchasing a gas grill cover designed for your new grill, you'll keep it in top condition for years.

General Description of a Lynx Grill Cover

Crafted from heavy-duty, weighted vinyl, the gas grill covers are lined with felt and contain a zipper front for easy removal and replacement. The Lynx grill covers feature the Lynx logo on the front.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of $107 may seem steep, but some stores offer discounts and sales. Plus, you'll save a lot on wear and tear by not having your gas grill exposed to the elements. After making such an important investment in your gas grill, it simply makes sense to keep it protected.

Sizes of Lynx Grill Covers

The following sizes of Lynx grill covers are available at authorized Lynx dealers and online. Each size is available for gas grills with side burners or without.

  • 27 inch built in
  • 27 inch freestanding
  • 30 inch built in
  • 30 inch freestanding
  • 36 inch built in
  • 36 inch freestanding
  • 42 inch built in
  • 42 inch freestanding
  • 54 inch built in
  • 54 inch freestanding

Cleaning Your Lynx Gas Grill

If the finish on your Lynx gas grill does seem to fade over time. There are many ways to clean it. It's important, however, that you never use an abrasive cleaner or steel wool pads. Both with scratch the finish.

Usually a warm, wet sponge with a mild detergent is usually sufficient. If you really need to scrub, use a Scotch Brite non-metallic pad. If you want restore the shine, try a stainless steel cleaner like Bayes Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner or rub the outside of the grill with a little vegetable oil.

When cleaning, make sure you are rubbing in the direction of the grain. That gives you the best sheen. Once your gas grill is clean, make sure you keep it covered in between use with a Lynx grill cover.

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