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A Lynx Outdoor Gas Grill turns your deck or patio into a charming outdoor living area. Many people own or rent homes with large decks or patios, but few make the most of the space. Take a look at your deck. Odds are that your deck has comfortable seating, a table and possibly a hibachi or outdoor grill. However, if you had friends and family over, could your grill handle a meal for a crowd?

Most gas grills purchased from department stores offer a small amount of cook space. When a crowd comes, you're stuck behind the grill for twice the amount of time. You prepare one batch of food and then another while some eat and others wait. By the time bbq grilling is done, everyone's eaten and you've lost out on time for socializing.

Choosing a More Effective Lynx Outdoor Gas Grill

Even a base Lynx Outdoor Gas Grill model offers an impressive amount of space. The professional quality bbq grills provide ample room for your burgers, hot dogs, chicken and steaks. If you really want to kick it up a notch, the 42-inch and 54-inch gas grills offer more than 1,000 square inches to fit everything you could imagine from meats to vegetables, buns and even dessert.

Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Gathering

Before your guests arrive, have all your salads and side dishes prepared ahead of time. If the dish is warm, like macaroni and cheese, keep it in a warming tray or Crockpot to avoid reheating. Cold salads can be stored in the refrigerator or cooler filled with ice.

Marinate your meats overnight in Ziploc bags. Turn on the grill five to ten minutes before you plan to grill to give the Lynx Outdoor Gas Grill adequate time to preheat. If you're using the rotisserie, a handy idea for large gatherings, start the bbq grilling process to allow for the meat to sit for at least 20 minutes before carving.

Large Lynx Outdoor Gas Grills have storage drawers that you can fill with ice to hold your Ziploc bags of meat. By using this convenient storage idea, everything you need for bbq grilling is right there ready to go. You won't need to make trips inside to gather your grilling items.

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