Napoleon Gourmet Built In Grill - Outdoor Gas Grills

Napoleon Gourmet built in grill models come packed with features and options. Whether you want gas grills or outdoor charcoal grills, you'll find the built-in barbecue grills suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Choose from five series:

  • Mirage
  • Prestige II
  • Prestige II Infrared
  • Prestige V
  • Ultra Chef

Mirage Napoleon Built In Grill Models

There are three models of outdoor grills available in the Mirage series. Each has patented roll covers that reduce the space the grill requires when the lid is up. Grill lids have built-in temperature gauges. They also have patented Wave cooking grates, Jetfire electronic ignition, back-lit burner control knobs, full-length drip pans and stainless steel sear plates to control flare ups. They include:

  • BIM485RB
  • BIM605RSBI
  • BIM730RSBI

The BIM485 features three stainless steel burners that provide 48,000 BTUs. The BIM605 comes with three burners too and they provide 59,000 BTUs. The BIM605 also has a 11,000 BTU side burner.

Finally, the BIM730 comes with four burners that total 95,500 BTUs. It also has a ceramic infrared burner on the right side and a ceramic rotisserie burner. The upscale bbq grill includes a rotisserie kit and halogen bbq grill light.

Prestige II Napoleon Built In Grill Models

There are two Prestige II Napoleon Built In Grills available for propane or natural gas. Common features include:

  • Brass valves with insect-protected venturi tube
  • Built-in thermometer gauge
  • Electronic ignition
  • Ergonomic control knobs
  • Patented electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel burners

The models include:

  • BIPT450RB (694 square inches of cooking space and 61,000 BTUs)
  • BIPT600RB (922 square inches of cooking space and 82,500 BTUs)

Prestige II Infrared Napoleon Built In Grill Models

Infrared bbq grill burners heat up quickly and maintain heat better than gas burners. The three models include:

  • BIPT450RBI (694 square inches of cooking space and 61,000 BTUs)
  • BIPT600RBI (922 square inches of cooking space and 82,500 BTUs)
  • BIPT750RBI (1,156square inches of cooking space and 94,000 BTUs)

The larger BIPT750RBI increases cooking space by putting two grill system side by side. The left grill uses infrared cooking technology, while the right includes a gas burner with stainless steel sear plate. The grill also features a rotisserie cooking system.

Common features of these three outdoor grills include:

  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Ergonomic control knobs
  • Infrared ceramic burners
  • Patented Lift Ease roll-top lid
  • Patented Wave cooking grates

In addition, you can purchase an optional charcoal tray to use your grill as an outdoor charcoal grill.

Prestige V Napoleon Built In Grill Models

Prestige V Napoleon built in bbq grills are top of the line models. There are two models:

  • BIPF450RSB (46-inch model with 85,500 BTU output, 882 square inch cooking grates)
  • BIPF600RSB (1,102 square inch cooking grates, 106,500 BTUs)

Both outdoor grills feature:

  • Limited lifetime warranties
  • Patented roll top lids
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High intensity ceramic infrared burners, including a rotisserie burner
  • Patented Quad Heat cooking systems that use charcoal, natural gas or propane.

Ultra Chef Napoleon Built In Grill Models

If you want a basic built-in barbecue grill head, the Ultra Chef is a great choice. The model offers a 14,000 BTU rotisserie infrared burner and 59,000 BTU burners with stainless steel sear plates. Cooking grates provide 570 square inches of grilling surface and are porcelain coated cast iron. The gas grill includes electronic ignition, aluminum lid and stainless steel temperature gauge.

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