Napoleon Charcoal Grill - Gourmet BBQ Grills

Napoleon Charcoal Grill comes as an option to most gas grill models. Napoleon's Mirage and Prestige line of outdoor grills offer flexibility in terms of fuel source. Many of these models have optional charcoal trays that allow you to easily convert the propane or natural gas grill into a charcoal grill.

Charcoal is Perfect for Lazy Afternoons

A leading reason explaining why people are hesitant to cook on charcoal grills involves preheating. Charcoal generally requires 30 minutes to reach the proper cooking temperature. After a long day at work, few people have the time to light the charcoal, hope it catches the first time and then wait for half an hour before you can even start cooking. Gas grills are extremely convenient because they heat up in minutes.

When you have the time to invest, the majority of outdoor grill owners admit that charcoal is optimal. A gas grill can make it easier to light your charcoal every time and you eliminate the need for smelly lighter fluid .

Better Flavor with Charcoal BBQ Grills

Charcoal imparts a smoky flavor in meats and vegetables that gas grills simply cannot match. As many people prefer the taste of foods cooked on charcoal grills, it's becoming popular to own a charcoal bbq grill. While you can simply purchase two deck or patio grills, if you're short on space, this becomes problematic.

How a Napoleon Charcoal Grill Conversion Pan Works

With a Napoleon Charcoal Grill pan added to your outdoor gas grill, you can turn your gas grill into a charcoal grill. Simply place the charcoal pan over your burner, fill it with the appropriate amount of charcoal and then turn the gas grill burner on. The burner lights the charcoal for you.

When the charcoal is fully lit, you turn the gas grill's burner off and the charcoal heats to the perfect temperature because it has already started burning. Once the grill is up to temperature, add your food items and enjoy bbq grilling over charcoal.

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