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Enjoy a wide and varied line of Arctic patio heater products. With stand-up patio heaters and tabletop heaters, you'll find what you need in the color you want.

Beyond their propane fueled outdoor heaters, Arctic Patio also sells a full range of chimineas and outdoor fireplaces. Even on a freezing fall night, you'll be able to enjoy your deck or patio space without worrying about hypothermia kicking in.

Chimineas and Outdoor Fireplaces

Arctic patio heater retailers do sell Arctic's line of cast iron chimineas. Look for them in black, bronze, green or pewter. They are heavy, weighing 99 pounds, so you'll definitely need help moving one.

Outdoor fireplaces by Arctic Patio Heaters come in a variety of models. Color options include black, green, red and stainless steel.

Arctic Sun Patio Heater

The Arctic Sun patio heater is a stand up model that includes a heavy base where you store a 20-pound propane tank. You can also hook it up to a natural gas line if preferred. The 40,000 BTU burner radiates heat in a 20-foot diameter ensuring everyone on your deck or patio has access to heat on a cold day or evening.

This Arctic patio heater is crafted from cast iron with a stainless steel dome. Weighing 116 pounds, it's heavy enough that wind won't tip it over. Standing 7.5 feet high, the outdoor heater is out of the reach of most children and pets.

Choose between a barrel, bullet or designer shaped base. The barrel shaped base comes in three color choices: black, copper or stainless steel. The bullet shaped base comes in copper, green or stainless steel. The designer base offers the color choices of beige, bronze or green. With these options, you customize the outdoor heater's overall design. Tip-over safety switches are found on all models.

Li'l Arctic Sun Patio Heater

The Li'l Arctic patio heater is a table top design that stands a little more than three feet tall. It comes in four colors: beige, bronze, green and pewter. A door in the base hides the a one-pound propane canister.

The cast iron base is designed to prevent tipping. In the rare event that does happen, there is a tip-over safety switch on the lamp. This switch automatically shuts off the fuel source and flame if the outdoor heater is bumped.

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