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Bernzomatic is known for their line of welding supplies, Bernzomatic's patio heaters are crafted with the same impeccable quality. Make sure you are purchasing a model that meets your total area. Each patio heater model provides different heat levels, so what works in a small screened in deck might not work in a large open patio.

Some Bernzomatic patio heater users state the units do not give off enough heat for open patios or decks. If you are using the heater in a covered, screened-in deck, it should be good enough. If you have a large, open deck or patio, look at other models first.

Benefits to Bernzomatic Patio Heaters

One of the biggest benefits to a Bernzomatic patio heater is that it doesn't require a lot of ceiling clearance. While many of the 7.5 to 8-foot tall patio heaters might not fit your covered deck, Bernzomatic patio heaters are shorter and fit into unconventional areas.

Unlike traditional outdoor heaters, a Bernzomatic patio heater includes a heat radiation tube that extends all the way from the base to the top of the unit. Your heat source is not limited to a single burner or dome.

Bernzomatic 37,500 BTU Propane Radiant Patio Heater

The 37,500 BTU propane Bernzomatic patio heater heats up to a 24-foot radius. Safety features on this gas patio heater include a tip-over shut off switch and sensor that detects if the oxygen level in your outdoor living area is getting too low.

The patio heater comes with a year's warranty. Best of all, it is fully assembled right out of the box.

Bernzomatic Brushed Nickel Patio Heater

Home Depot sells the Bernzomatic patio heater that includes a stylish design complete with a brushed nickel casing. The outdoor heater uses their “lift-n-lock” technology that allows you to assemble the patio heater within seconds.

It's a portable outdoor heater thanks to wheels that are built into the base. The base also includes a control panel that allows you to set the heat level and connect your 20-pound propane tank within minutes.

At 5.5 feet tall, this is a great unit for smaller decks and patios. It is completely weather-protected and can be used in rain or snow.

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