DCS Patio Heater - Outdoor Patio Built In Heaters

A DCS patio heater is designed for commercial use, but it's also great for homeowners. You'll find the patio heaters by DCS in restaurant's outdoor seating areas, construction sites and stadiums. They heat an area effectively in a matter of minutes.

Do you have a deck or patio area? How often do you really get to use it? In northern climates, and even during cold snaps in the south, an outdoor patio heater is the best way to make sure you are using your deck or patio as much as possible. You might stop using it in the fall when the nightly temperatures begin dipping below freezing. With a patio heater, nothing keeps you away from gazing at the stars and enjoying that plush lounge chair or cozy porch swing.

DCS Freestanding Patio Heater

A freestanding DCS patio heater operates using propane or natural gas. Make sure you specify your desired fuel source when you order.

The freestanding outdoor heater models feature electronic ignition, a door covering the control panel, heat controls and built-in wheels. If the gas patio heater should ever tip, it is equipped with automatic safety shut-off to prevent a fire.

The 40,000 BTU burner on the outdoor heater provides a 20-foot radius of heat. This is usually enough to heat an entire deck, lanai or patio area.

Crafted from stainless steel, the patio heaters are easy to maintain. Weather really doesn't affect the finish. You can use stainless steel cleaner periodically to remove dust, dirt and pollen.

DCS Built-In Natural Gas Patio Heater

The built-in line of DCS patio heaters install on the eaves of your deck or patio roofing. One of these patio heaters warms the 15-foot area sitting in front of the heater. The 58,000 BTU burner is weather resistant and hooks directly to your natural gas line. If you install two, you can cover a huge deck or lanai.

Unlike some natural gas outdoor patio heaters, the built-in DCS patio heaters only have an on and off switch. There are no temperature settings available.

They weigh close to 60 pounds, so make sure your beam is capable of holding that much weight.

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