Electric Patio Heater - Outdoor Infrared and Halogen Heaters

Spend time on your deck or patio year round with an electric outdoor patio heater. Cuddle up with loved ones and watch the snow fall while you remain toasty warm near your patio heater. On a cool fall evening, enjoy gazing at the stars without worrying about chills from the settling frost.

Some electric outdoor patio heaters require hard-wiring. Check the outdoor heater's specifications carefully before finalizing your purchase. If you need a model that plugs into an outdoor outlet, you need to make sure you have that option available.

Features to Look for on Your Electric Patio Heater

Make sure your patio heater has a sensor that turns off the outdoor heater if it tips. It's important to place your patio heater in an area that will not get bumped by people, but if this should happen, you'll want to know that it will shut off automatically.

Check the heat output. If your deck or patio is 12 by 12, you need a heater that reaches that entire area. Wall or post mounted outdoor heaters may be an option if you have a covered deck or patio and can hard-wire the heater to an electrical source.

Energy Efficiency to an Electric Outdoor Patio Heater

Electric outdoor patio heaters are often more energy efficient that some might think. They will still drive up your bill, especially in very cold temperatures, but not more than 25 to 80 cents an hour.

Many of today's top electric heater models use halogen bulbs or infrared systems. When shopping for a patio heater, check the power use, most start at 1,500 watts, but others may be two or three thousand. The wattage plays an integral part in the final cost to operate your outdoor heater.

Protection from Weather

Electric outdoor patio heaters work best if you have a covered area on your deck. You need to protect them from ice build up. However, most electric patio heaters are designed with weather resistant wiring and fixtures. If you plan to use your outdoor heater in the open, tuck it into a garage or shed between uses to prevent water or ice damage.

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