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Put your back patio to good use by keeping it warm and toasty with a Fire Sense patio heater. Shop for tabletop or freestanding outdoor patio heaters by Fire Sense. They offer both models allowing you to choose the best model for your outdoor space.

Fire Sense patio heaters are built and designed by Well Traveled Living. While the company's headquarters are located in Florida, they also have offices in China providing access to affordable parts and building materials.

Company History for Well Traveled Living

For twelve years, Well Traveled Living's been a leading manufacturer of patio products, including outdoor heaters, chimineas and barbecue grills. They focus their expertise in mail or internet ordering so that you get the patio heater of your dreams direct from the manufacturer.

By cutting out the middle man, prices are far lower and merchandise is shipped soon after it is built. Nothing sits around for years and years gathering dust on a showroom floor.

Safety Features Found on All Fire Sense Patio Heaters

Fire Sense patio heaters come in five product lines. They include:

  • Commercial patio heaters
  • Decorative patio heaters
  • Deluxe patio heaters
  • Standard patio heaters
  • Tabletop patio heaters

All of these outdoor heaters include tip-over shut off valves for safety. While the bases are designed to prevent tipping, if the worst should occur and a person or pet bumps the patio heater hard enough to knock it over, the power or fuel source automatically shuts off.

All Fire Sense patio heaters have weighted bases, including tabletop models. The weighted bases help prevent accidental tipping. As the outdoor heaters generally weigh upwards of 50 pounds, you may need help if you plan to move it to a new area.

Finding a Fuel Source for Your Fire Sense Gas Patio Heaters

Fire Sense patio heaters come in electric, propane or natural gas models. The propane models require you to purchase a separate 20-pound propane tank. You can purchase these tanks at most hardware and home improvement stores.

If you prefer, Fire Sense patio heaters can be connected to a natural gas line on your deck or patio. Make sure you specify that you want a natural gas burner when you purchase your patio heater.

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