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Invest in a Garden Sun patio heater and enjoy your patio or deck year round. The downfall to owning a home with deck or patio space is the weather. In many areas, it is too cold in the fall, winter and early spring to enjoy any time outside.

If you want to use your deck or patio area for entertaining or simply relaxing regardless of the temperature outside, a Garden Sun patio heater is a must. You can heat your surrounding patio space to a comfortable temperature without having to screen and insulate it.

Safety Features are Important

No one wants their Garden Sun patio heater to tip over, but accidents can happen. Your child may be running around and accidentally bump it or your pet may become over excited. Either way, you need an outdoor heater with a weighted base to prevent the heater from tipping easily.

Look for patio heaters that have tip-over safety switches. In the event that your patio heater does topple over, the switch is designed to immediately cut off the fuel source to prevent any risk of a fire.

Garden Sun Outdoor Patio Heater Structure and Design

Whether you choose a freestanding patio heater or a tabletop version, know the metal used in the reflector and post. Aluminum will rust more readily than stainless steel.

Cast iron is solid, but requires protection to keep it from rusting after exposure to moisture. If you opt for cast iron, look to see that it is painted and therefore protected from rain, snow and ice.

If you want a freestanding Garden Sun patio heater, look for models that have built in wheels in the bottom to make it easy to move. This way, if it is raining and you want to move the heater to a covered area, you won't have a struggle.

Finally, look for the push button ignition on most Garden Sun patio heaters. Push button lighting makes it easy for you to light the burner without having to risk burning your fingers with a match or lighter.

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