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Comfortably warm your outdoor deck or patio area without taking up floor or space with a hanging outdoor patio heater. Because you hang the outdoor heater in an out of the way area, you don't need to worry about children getting too close, tipping your patio heater over or rearranging furniture to make room for it.

Obviously, when using a hanging outdoor patio heater, you need to have an area from which you can hang the heater. You also need to consider the best placement so that it reaches all sitting areas on your deck or patio.

Check the Instructions for Installing a Hanging Outdoor Patio Heater

The most important aspect of installing a hanging outdoor patio heater involves centering the outdoor heater over your patio or deck sitting area. If the outdoor heater warms a ten-foot radius, you'll need to make sure that the patio heater is close enough to reach all areas where people sit.

Placing the hanging outdoor patio heater over a table is a great way to prevent people from hitting their head on the electric heater. Just make sure you have it high enough above the table to prevent heat damage.

Examine Your Overhead Beam

A hanging outdoor patio heater needs a solid beam to support its weight. If you have a roof over your deck, make sure you have the patio heater hanging from the center of the beam. Drill your holds before installing the anchors to prevent the wood from cracking.

On an outdoor patio, you also need to make sure an overhead support is strong enough. While you may be tempted, hanging the patio heater from a tree branch is risky, especially if you are in an area where storms are known to blow through. Changes are high that the hanging outdoor patio heater will smash if a tree limb breaks.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Electric outdoor hanging heaters are designed with safety in mind. Most distribute the heat outwards preventing the metal hanging brackets from ever heating up.

It is important to install your hanging outdoor patio heater away from locations where children and pets can reach it. You also should check manufacturer suggestions on ceiling height to make sure you're leaving enough room between furnishings and the hanging outdoor heater.


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