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An Outback patio heater helps you stop hiding indoors on a clear but chilly night. If you want to gaze at the stars, enjoy the night sounds or simply entertain guests in the spacious back yard, don't let the weather get in your way.

Many people own large, spacious outdoor living space, but limit the use of it to warm summer nights. You can enjoy the deck or patio year round if you heat up the space with a patio heater.

Outback's Company History

In 1997, Outback began production of gas grills, patio heaters and gas ranges. The Chinese company quickly became a leader in patio appliances. Today, the are one of the best selling patio heater manufacturers in areas around the world.

Because they follow the rigid ISO 9001 specifications, their workspace and manufactured products all receive high safety ratings. After all, before using an outdoor heater, wouldn't you want to know it comes from a company that truly cares about the safety of others?

Outback Patio Heater Models and Features

Enjoy four outdoor patio heater models from Outback. They include:

  • Green Heater
  • Halo Heater
  • Moonshine Heater
  • Stainless Steel Heater

With the green or stainless steel patio heater, you are getting a standard gas outdoor heater. The freestanding Outback patio heater offers a stainless steel burner to prevent rust or corrosion. It also has push button ignition and a wheel for easily mobility.

With either of the above models, you can purchase a hardwood table attachment that slides onto your patio heater's post. With this accessory, your patio heater becomes a useful area for drinks and snacks.

The Halo and Moonshine Outback patio heaters are made from plastic. They can't rust or corrode in rain, snow or ice. Both models offers the same push button ignition and stainless steel burner. In addition, you can add a glass table top to the heater.

Safety Tilt Switch is Found on all Outback Patio Heaters

One of the most important features on any patio heater is a safety tilt switch. If someone or something bumps your patio heater and it does tip over, the safety switch kills the gas source preventing a costly fire.

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