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Outdoor Leisure patio heater models remain favorites of patio heater users. Recently, the company was purchased by World Marketing of America who is opting at this time not to support the Outdoor Leisure line of patio heaters. However, you can still find Outdoor Leisure patio heaters in retailers both online and in stores in your area.

Many merchants with remaining stock offer the outdoor heaters at huge discounts because the company is gone. You'll find amazing prices with Outdoor Leisure patio heaters, but you should consider the necessity of warranty coverage. Odds are high that you'll never need warranty work, but if you are not the handy type and a part suddenly needs replacing, you may find yourself frustrated by the lack of help.

Great Patio Heaters but Control Valves Die Quickly

People love Outdoor Leisure patio heaters, but the control valves on certain models do have a habit of wearing out quickly. When purchasing your outdoor heater, you should ask the seller if they have any replacement parts in stock.

Because the company is out of business, the specific replacement parts list is useless. Customers who have had to replace valves end up spending a lot of time researching for alternate part numbers to no avail.

Parts and Warranty Service

Because World Marketing of America purchased the Outdoor Leisure patio heater division, parts and service are hard to come across. If you do need replacement parts, your best bet is to take the broken part to your area hardware store or home improvement retailer and ask if they can match it.

If you purchase a new Outdoor Leisure patio heater, the warranty is not going to be honored. This is definitely something to consider when looking at patio heaters.

Bottom Line

With outstanding prices, you shouldn't rule out Outdoor Leisure patio heaters. If you are the type of person who can replace worn parts without any hesitation, it's definitely a line of outdoor heaters to look into.

And who knows, with many customers pressuring World Marketing to support the Outdoor Leisure line of heaters, they may change their minds.

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