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Effectively heat your deck or patio with an outdoor propane patio heater. Why should you stop using your outdoor living space in the fall or early spring when temperatures drop? If you purchase an outdoor gas patio heater, you get months more use out of your outdoor living areas.

In northern climates, fall often arrives in September and nights become too cold for staying outdoors. If you enjoy watching the stars, an outdoor gas patio heater is an efficient way to heat your outdoor living space.

Outdoor gas patio heaters operate using either natural gas or propane. Propane is purchased in 20 pound cylinders. If you have natural gas in your home, talk to your gas company about installing an outdoor gas line.

Components Found in an Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

The base of an outdoor gas patio heater is wider than the top. This design helps prevent tipping. At the bottom is a gas regulator. This must be connected to a natural gas or propane source. Make sure you're using the correct fuel source because you can not use natural gas and propane interchangeably.

Once your gas source is connected to the outdoor gas patio heater, you can turn it on. Gas will run through the tubing, up through the post and into the burner at the top. Usually, there is a wider top to prevent rain from extinguishing your flame.

Using a lit match or ignition system, the spark or lit match will ignite the gas at the burner creating the flames. A spark from the ignition system or the flame of a match creates the fire that comes through all holes in the burner.

Most outdoor patio heaters come with push button ignition. If it fails to work, a barbecue lighter or fireplace match will work. Just make sure your fingers are away from the flame area of the burner.

Features to Watch for When Buying an Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

Most outdoor propane patio heaters have a temperature knob to control how hot your deck or patio gets. When purchasing this type of outdoor heater, make sure there is a way to turn the flames low or high depending on the surrounding temperature. You'll want to ensure the comfort of those who are outside.

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