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A radiant patio heater uses today's modern technology and creates an energy-efficient outdoor heater. Radiant patio heaters warm a room quickly allowing you to turn the heat low or turn the heater off periodically saving you money.

Enjoy your deck or patio on a cold night by creating a warm, cozy area. Patio heaters use propane, natural gas or electricity to heat your outdoor space, usually up to a 24-foot radius. You'll spend more time outside enjoying the night sounds and less time sat behind a television.

How a Radiant Patio Heater Functions

An electric radiant patio heater contains a quartz tube that heats up until it glows. The infrared heat then radiates to the room providing energy-efficient heat. Most electric radiant heaters cost no more than 50 cents an hour to operate. For around $15 a month, you could be spending an hour on your deck or patio enjoying friendly conversations or simply kicking back and relaxing.

Propane or natural gas radiant patio heaters include special burners that transfer the flames of the gas burner into infrared rays. The infrared heats objects on your deck or patio, much like sun rays, creating a cozy atmosphere. Because the infrared action heats the area around you, less gas is used saving you money.

Top-Selling Radiant Patio Heaters

The Infratech Quartz Radiant Electric patio heater is made from weather resistant stainless steel. The patio heater hangs from an overhead beam or attaches to your wall and provides heat to your deck. The outdoor heater comes with everything you need including the mounting bracket.

Napoleon portable gas patio heaters are high quality stainless steel patio heaters that use infrared technology to heat your outdoor space. The commercial quality heaters burn propane or natural gas and include electronic ignition. The propane model comes with storage for your 20-pound propane tank and a wheeled base for easy portability.

The Dimplex Electric Umbrella Heater includes a quartz radiant burner that is powered by electricity. The heater resembles a ceiling fan and slips right onto your patio umbrella post. This radiant patio heater is sold in many hardware stores. It's inexpensive and includes a safety-shut off that turns the heater off if you forget to before closing your umbrella.

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