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Sunglo patio heater models are among the greatest outdoor heaters in the world. The company has decades of history standing behind their products. In fact, their patio heaters are so popular many restaurants and hotels refuse to purchase any other brand.

Whether you want a freestanding gas patio heater or need one that mounts to your wall or ceiling, Sunglo patio heaters are certain to please. If you need electric patio heaters, Sunglo partners with Infratech to provide quality infrared patio heaters that operate on a 220 volt outlet.

A Leader in Outdoor Deck and Patio Heating

Since 1961, Sunglo's been manufacturing patio heaters throughout North America. The company came to light when Edwin Cowan, an appliance engineer, came up with infrared heating technology within a patio heater. He created a line of decorative heaters that could be used in hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Overtime, the technology behind the original patio heater kept evolving. Today, Sunglo patio heaters are available for commercial and residential use. There are freestanding, mounted and portable outdoor heaters available for purchase.

Sunglo Patio Heater Models and Specifications

Sunglo patio heater models are varied and include:

  • A242 (Gas with pilot light)
  • A244 (Hanging)
  • A270 (Portable with pilot light)
  • PSA265 (Gas with pilot light)
  • PSA265V (Gas with electronic ignition)
  • S25 (Hanging)
  • S34 (Hanging)

With the gas Sunglo patio heaters, you choose between models that have a permanently lit pilot light or one with electronic ignition. Generally, the permanently lit pilot light will use up a little more gas than the electronic ignition because the gas must always be flowing to the pilot light.

Wall or ceiling mounted heaters have protective safety grills and often require no clearance making them safe for most any area.

All Sunglo patio heaters have safety shut-off valves in case the outdoor heater falls. In addition, they are constructed with rust and corrosion resistant metals and paints allowing them to be exposed to rain or snow without worry of damage.

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