Table Top Patio Heater - Electric and Gas Tabletop Heaters

A tabletop patio heater allows you to tie in your patio, deck or garden design with your outdoor living area. With many possible colors, styles and fuel sources, you can have the patio heater that suits your aesthetic tastes and budget.

When selecting a tabletop patio heater, stop to think about the design you want your deck or patio to have. If you are looking for a floral atmosphere with flower gardens providing pleasing aromas, look to painted outdoor heaters that match the colors of the flowers you have planted.

Fuel Sources in Tabletop Patio Heaters

Tabletop patio heaters generally operate using propane or electricity. Because natural gas outdoor heaters require a connection to an outdoor gas line, it's uncommon to find a tabletop natural gas heater.

Electricity is typically the easiest to work with. You simply plug it in to an outdoor outlet and the heater is warming the area within seconds.

Propane requires a small LP canister as a fuel source. You can purchase the pound containers or propane in hardware and home improvement stores. Some grocery stores also sell them. Many tabletop patio heaters will provide eight hours of heat off a single pound container of propane, so you'll find the fuel goes a long way.

Match the Design to Your Garden

Today, the range of tabletop patio heater models resemble typical table lamps. You'll find them in a variety of metals, colors and styles.

Tiki tabletop patio heaters provide an island feel to your patio or deck. Add some wicker furnishings and you'll have a soothing tropical paradise in your back yard.

Metal tabletop patio heater models complement most any garden design. You'll find a wide array of copper outdoor heaters are available. You can also opt for stainless steel if the reddish copper isn't your taste. Outdoor tabletop heaters also come in aluminum or painted metal.

Uniflame sells tabletop patio heaters made from nickel, iron or copper. Some are painted to resemble wood matching your patio décor to the area surrounding you.

Look for Weighted Lamp Bases on Your Tabletop Patio Heater

When purchasing an outdoor tabletop patio heater, look for designs that put weights in the base. This prevents the heat lamp from tipping over if the table gets bumped. It's an important safety feature to have.


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