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The Zubri patio heater is a telescoping model allowing you to use it as a freestanding or tabletop outdoor heater. Once manufactured by Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, the Zubri outdoor heater is getting harder to find because the company turned its focus to energy efficient infrared electric and gas heaters.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment's Company History

Realistically, Schaefer's been a leading name in products used on farms, business and even private residences since the 1950s. Their ventilation equipment is standard in large scale farms, greenhouses and industrial settings. Over the years, they've developed their line to include outdoor patio heaters and garage heaters.

The Zubri is one of the outdoor patio heaters they came up with. Because many homeowners wanted a patio heater that could be easily moved from one area to another and used on a table or standing up on a floor, Schaefer came up with a telescoping model that matched this demand.

Features of the Zubri Patio Heater

At a glance, the Zubri patio heater looks like most any patio heater. The freestanding model is a little taller than seven feet and has a 40,000 BTU burner that heats up to a 20 foot radius.

The biggest difference is the bottom area where the propane tank connects. The tank sits between the patio heater's legs. There is a weatherproof nylon apron that surrounds the propane tank protecting it from weather. Remove the legs for storage or for use as a tabletop model.

The Zubri patio heater comes in a handy carrying case. Simply remove the metal stand and the tabletop sized heater is ready for storing or use as a tabletop outdoor heater.

Getting Harder to Find

It appears that stores selling the discontinued Zubri patio heater are quickly running out of the stock they had remaining. The patio heater is getting harder to find.

It's still an impressive outdoor patio heater, so if you have the time to search, head online. You'll find yourself thrilled if you are able to purchase one for your backyard.

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