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Take your Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grill with you on your travels. Take it on picnics, camping trips, tailgate parties or even on your boat. Solaire's portable infra-red outdoor cookers weigh just 20 pounds and come with carrying bags to make transportation easy.

If you want to experience infra-red cooking, but can't afford a full-sized outdoor gas grill, a portable infra-red grilling surface is a suitable alternative. They're less expensive and can be stored in your garage or shed in between uses. An optional tripod stand turns your portable infra-red grill into a handy mount for your bbq grill no matter where you are. Just make sure the tripod stand is level before grilling.

Features of Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grills

Commercial and marine-grade Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grills are constructed entirely from heavy duty stainless steel. They withstand jostling well as you move them to and from your vehicle.

The portable infra-red outdoor grills offer push-button ignition of the propane burner. Connect your infrared patio or deck grill to a one-pound propane bottle and you're good to go. If you prefer, you can purchase an adapter that allows you to connect the grill to a 20-pound tank or natural gas line.

Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grills are 21 inches wide, 12 inches high and 13 inches deep. They don't take up a lot of table space, but still manage to offer enough space on the grilling grate for eight hamburgers. The V-grate prevents flare ups and is easy to clean.

Taking Your Infrared Outdoor Cooking Grill on a Boat

If you do plan to take your Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grill on a boat, there is a rail mount kit that you can purchase. The rail mount allows you to safely mount the outdoor gas grill to the rails for optimal stability.

The rail mount clamps onto the rail and holds the bbq grill a few inches above the level of the rail. You needn't worry about the heat of the infrared grill burning the rail. Plus, it keeps the Solaire Portable Anywhere Infrared Grill out of the way so that your passengers do not have to be careful while walking around the deck.

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