Son of Hibachi Grill - Portable Barbecue Grills

A Son of Hibachi grill is considered the best hibachi grill for RV and tailgate partiers. The outdoor hibachi grills are lightweight, light quickly and even clean themselves. You'd be surprised by the versatility of these small barbecue grills.

Add a battery powered rotisserie to your Son of Hibachi grill for incredibly succulent rotisserie chicken, juicy briskets and more. In addition, you can warm buns and rolls in the space under each bbq grilling surface.

The Son of Hibachi grill features 170 square inches of cooking space making it a great choice for your travel grilling needs. Bring it with you camping or to a football game.

Shopping for a Son of Hibachi Grill

There is one basic Son of Hibachi grill model. However, there are a number of options that you purchase to customize your grill. The most important of these is the Snuff Out Pouch.

The Son of Hibachi Snuff Out Pouch and a fire-proof carrying tote that allows you to put the outdoor charcoal grill into the pouch as soon as you're ready to go. You don't need to wait hours for your charcoal to cool down or deal with burns from trying to empty out hot coals.

When purchasing your home hibachi grill, consider the full package that includes the hibachi grill, Snuff Out Pouch and rotisserie. Alternatively, purchase just the charcoal grill and wait to purchase the additional accessories in the future.

How the Son of a Hibachi Grill Works

The Son of Hibachi grill folds up for storage and heating. In its folded position, you add charcoal to each grill side, light the center ash bowl with wood chips, newspaper or starter fluid and light it up . The flames travel up the chimney lighting the charcoal in each grill tray. After seven minutes pass, unfold the grill so that both sections are filled with the charcoal and you're ready to grill.

Because the Son of Hibachi grill gets extremely hot, grease and residue burn off and fall into the ash bowl. Your cooking grates clean automatically every time you place the hot hibachi grill into the Snuff Out Pouch.

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