TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill - Infrared Grills

Want a gas grill you can take anywhere? Weighing just 28 pounds, the TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill is a must for travelers. If you frequent sports games, go on picnics, own a boat or simply want a propane bbq grill for on the go, the TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill is the model to own.

Why Choose a Portable Infra-Red Grill

There are many reasons to own a portable bbq grill. The biggest reason people opt for portable gas grills is space. People live in apartments or condo units with small patio areas and a full-sized outdoor cooking grill simply takes up too much space.

With a TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill, you can set the infra red grill on a table or optional infrared grilling pedestal and be able to store it away between meals.

If you are heading to a football game, join in the tailgate party festivities by whipping up meals for anyone who drops by. The TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill fits eight good sized burgers, so you'll have plenty of room for your food.

Features and Specs for the TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill

With 192 square inches of cooking space, you'll find the bbq grates hold more than enough food. The food cooks over a radiant glass infra-red panel that cleans easily and eliminates flare ups that often burn meats. The infra red grilling burner produces heat output of 13,000 BTU per hour. Clean up is easy and the outdoor cooking grill even has a removable ash box.

Crafted from brushed aluminum and stainless steel, the TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill is going to last. It's a quality infrared gas grill that's priced for those with a tighter budget.

The TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill operates using a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, though you can purchase the optional gas regulator for a 20-pound propane tank. Push-button ignition starts the infrared grill every time.

Measuring almost 24 inches wide, 11 inches high and 16 inches deep, the TEC Cherokee Portable Gas Grill is small enough to fit in your trunk or truck bed and still leave room for all your fixings.


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