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While infrared grills used to cost thousands of dollars, the TEC G Sport Grill is less costly model. At under $1,500 this full sized infrared outdoor cooking grill does a lot for the money. Barbecue aficionados often have two or three grills, including outdoor charcoal grills, gas grills and portable models.

If you're sick of losing valuable outdoor living space, check out TEC's latest infrared grill. The TEC Cherokee G Sport Infrared Gas Grill serves as a smoker by cooking at temperatures as low as 200 degrees, but turned up can sear a steak to perfection at 800 degrees. Few other barbecue grills are that capable.

Benefit to Infrared Grilling Technology

Because infra-red technology uses light radiation to cook foods, meats do not dry out. Often with traditional gas grills, food cooks by heating the air within the bbq grill, so it is more apt to dry out. If you use an outdoor charcoal grill, you'll get better quality grilled meats, but flames are likely to kiss the meat causing burnt spots.

Infra-red cooking grills eliminate those two problems. Foods cook quickly at high temperatures and juices are trapped inside the meat where they belong.

Features and Accessories of the TEC G-Sport Infra-Red Grill

The TEC G Sport Grill is designed to be used on a table or counter top. However, you can purchase an optional stand that turns it into a pedestal-style infrared grill. TEC heat tested the grill on wood and paper and the bbq grill never posed a fire risk.

Thanks to a double-wall design, the outer shell of the bbq grill remains cool. Only the inside of the TEC G Sport infrared grill heats up.

Features of the infrared outdoor cooker include:

  • 115 square inch secondary cooking area or warming rack
  • 309 square inches of grilling space
  • Burner produces heat output of 22,000 BTU on propane
  • Grill, burners and cooking grates are all crafted from stainless steel
  • Optional conversion kit allows you to hook the grill to natural gas
  • Sturdy grill that weighs 72 pounds
  • Towel bar


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