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TEC Infrared Gas Barbecue Grills provide outstanding quality in both residential and commercial infrared cooking surfaces. The range of outdoor gas grills include freestanding models and built-ins. If you are looking to create an outdoor patio grill station, TEC products are worth investigating.

History of TEC Products

For more than 40 years, TEC has been working to bring infra-red grilling surfaces to residential homes and restaurants. TEC, or Thermal Engineering Corporation, is known worldwide as the Infra Red Experts. They invented the infra-red grilling surface and an infra-red cooking system made from glass.

In the 1980s, the first TEC Infrared Gas Barbecue Grill was born. Since then, they've continued to improve their product line. Today, they offer infra-red gas grills and infra-red electric grills. They also created the first portable infrared gas cooking grill.

Cooking on an Infra-red Grilling Surface

Unlike patio charcoal grills that require up to half an hour for the coals or charcoal to be suitable for cooking meats, infra-red fireboxes are ready for meats and vegetables in a matter of minutes. Electricity or gas heats the ceramic or glass infra-red cooking box until it glows bright orange.

The infra-red radiation travels directly to the meat's surface where it seals the outside and traps juices inside. With much higher temperatures coming from the barbecue grill, foods cook faster and come out like the foods you get from a five-star chef. In fact, many top restaurants insist on using TEC Infrared Gas Barbecue Grills in their restaurants.

TEC Infrared Gas Barbecue Grills Models for Every Situation

TEC has a line of residential grills that thrill homeowners. The line includes:

  • Cherokee FR
  • G-Sport FR
  • Sterling FR Series
  • Sterling G Series

If you want a convenient, portable infrared grill, the Cherokee is the perfect deck or patio grill. Otherwise, you can purchase freestanding models like the G-Sport. Sterling models are available with pedestal mounts or built-ins. It's easy to find the model that suits your price range, cooking needs and your outdoor patio or deck grill area.


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