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A Viking grill cover protects your gas grill from the elements. Dust, pollen, rain, snow and ice all harm the finish of a stainless steel gas grill. You can protect your outdoor grill by keeping it sheltered.

The market is full of gas grill covers leaving many people wondering if it is truly necessary to purchase a grill cover from the gas grill manufacturer. It is tempting to save money, but always consider the problems that occur with cheaper materials.

Downfall to Less Expensive Grill Covers

Often, people look at the high price of a quality Viking grill cover and opt for a cheaper, no-name version. In this economy, everyone is looking to cut their budget down. The problem with inexpensive grill covers is that they never last. The seams rip easily, the vinyl cracks in cold temperatures and they'll start leaking, trapping water against your outdoor grill's finish.

Before long, you're grill cover is tattered and you then must purchase a new one. With many people going through an inexpensive grill cover twice a year, you'll end up spending far more on covers than necessary.

Construction of a Viking Grill Cover

Viking grill covers are crafted from heavy-duty, reinforced vinyl. The seams are incredibly strong to allow for the force of wind pushing and pulling at the barbecue grill cover. In addition, Viking grill covers are lined with felt to prevent scratches from occurring.

Viking grill covers are available for all gas grills, including:

  • 30 inch T-Series and E-Series
  • 41 inch T-Series and E-Series
  • 53 inch T-Series and E-Series

There are versions to fit gas grills with and without side burners and side grills.

Things to Look for in a Viking Grill Cover

If you have a built-in gas grill, Viking grill covers specifically designed for the built-ins are available. These gas grill covers are designed to protect your gas grill by covering the entire grill and control knob area.

For freestanding outdoor grills, the longer Viking grill cover protects not only the grill, but also the cart it sits on. The grill cover reaches the ground to protect the entire unit.

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